Disgusting behaviour

I came across this while reading the Herald this morning and had to bring it to peoples attention.
I hope you have all heard about the little girl who went missing in Henderson earlier this week. Police now suspect she has been abducted. I have 3 small kids so this type of news story is particularly heart rending for me.

However, when I read this story I got so angry I had to leave the room and take a breather.


Basically TVNZ thought in their infinite wisdom that it would be a good idea to get their resident quack (and so called psychic) in touch with this family at a time when they are most vulnerable. Apparently Deb Webber had "information" for the family.
If she has information her first port of call should be the police in a very quiet manner just in case her information is wrong. The best move here for her is not to get in touch with the family and give them false hope because she has "talked" to someone on the other side, or has "sensed" where the little girl is. This would be consiedered reckless by me, and hopefully most others.

We all know that people like Deb Webber are out there, and if the family really wanted to contact a psychic for help then that is their choice and they can do so when they are ready, but to have the national broadcaster step in and foist this person on an extremely distressed family is despicable and loathsome.

I for one will be writing some angry letters to TVNZ and I strongly urge you to aswell.

On another note, the Herald article was also against TVNZ interfering, but they decided to paste a rather large photo of Deb Webber on the page just to give her a little more free advertising - idiots.

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Here's the link to the

Thanks Mike.

Thanks Mike.

Vicki Hyde

Vicki Hyde from the NZ skeptics was interviewed by the herald about this;


Totally Agree

"Disgusting" is exactly the right word. Revolting and repulsive also work well. It is hard to imagine anything worse for a parent than to lose a toddler in these circumstances. For TVNZ and Deb Webber to attempt to cash in on it - oh man, that boils my blood.


I missed much of this being

I missed much of this being away on holiday, but at least it gives a chance to demonstrate how psychics manipulate desperate people and it's sickening. It's clearly nothing more than a random guess, especially as the whole of West Auckland was given as a the target area and didn't do anything to help anyone, not the police and not the parents who were desperate to find their little girl.

Hubard's view

I saw an excellent cartoon "Hubard's view" on this issue in the Northern Advocate this week. I've tried to find it online to post a link to no avail. It reflects the consensus of the comments made here, which are my thoughts as well.