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Atheism Survey

There is a new survey online that is attempting to get some information on atheists and atheism around the world.

It will take about 20-30 minutes depending on how much information you want to give. No personal information is collected.

Good for a laugh

Who would have thought that a married couple had sex? It appears that the catholic church do not like the idea of portraying Mary as a wife and mother, and would rather keep the myth of her virginity alive and well.

This billboard in Auckland was defaced after only four hours.

NZ atheist bus campaign starts today

The NZ atheist bus campaign was officially launched today. They are relying solely on donations from the public, so please if you feel inclined to spread the idea of rational thought in a secular humanist society, head over there and give them a couple of dollars.

Skeptical about Coma man?

I have been following this case for the past couple of days mainly because of a sense of terror at being stuck inside an unresponsive body for 23 years while being fully concious! He is apparently able to type his words on a computer, and is even planning on writing a book. This sounded so amazing that at first I was willing to just accept the mass media reporting.

However, after the initial shock and horror wore off I started following some of the more skeptical blogs out there to see what was really going on.

Regular blessings

Why is it that any time a new building, road, exhibition is opened there is felt to be a need to hold a blessing? In New Zealand these blessings are normally carried out by a Maori elder, who I presume would be christian. Are other faith leaders invited to perform these blessings? is there a tender process to decide who does the blessing?

The latest in these ridiculous blessings is taking place in wellington, where the police will mark the start of a new road safety initiative tomorrow by blessing a car involved in a local alcohol-related crash.

What is the point???

Surely if the blessing is any good it should have been carried out before the crash!
If blessings can help with alcohol related crashes maybe all cars should be blessed when they are parked outside bars?! This could be a nice little earner for local Kaumatua.

This sort of stupidity seems to me to be more about appeasing certain groups of people than actually having any tangible benefits for the people involved. Though please let me know if you have any proof to the contrary.

Disgusting behaviour

I came across this while reading the Herald this morning and had to bring it to peoples attention.
I hope you have all heard about the little girl who went missing in Henderson earlier this week. Police now suspect she has been abducted. I have 3 small kids so this type of news story is particularly heart rending for me.

However, when I read this story I got so angry I had to leave the room and take a breather.

EU tightening up on regulatory claims - good news for quality science, bad news for the cowboys

Looks like the EU are making it increasingly difficult for products claiming to have health benefits making it to the market.

Get Involved and Get active

If you are reading this blog then you obviously have a skeptical side to your personality. Thats a good thing and should be embraced.

Even in a small country like NZ we are surrounded by woo peddlars.

If you are serious about your skepticism then maybe you should think about getting active. It does not have to be much, I'm not going to ask you to wave placards in front of parliament or talk to John Cambell live on air (though hopefully these things might happen).

Time To Start Picking on People

I am getting frustrated, I am getting angry, and I am starting to see red.

I am also going to start doing something about it.

I have had enough with all the woo, bullshit, psychic-babble, pseudoscientists, and charlatans in this country. I have decided to take Mark Edwards advice and take action.

I'm not sure exactly how yet but I'm going to start by having regular rants at individuals in this country that piss me off.

Learn more about "Natural Health"

Want to know more about natural healthcare? Here’s your chance!

On Saturday, September 12, the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc (NZCHP) are holding a one-day Natural Healthcare Expo, offering the public the chance to experience natural healthcare modalities and meet the practitioners behind them.

So if you want to learn more about makey uppy health care then head on down.

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