BCA drop case against Simon Singh. How would New Zealand stand?

April 1st, 2010 the Court of Appeal ruled that Simon's use of the word "bogus" was comment and not fact. Today the BCA dropped their case against Simon Singh.

This case has cost Simon 200,000 pounds(NZD$435,416) and took 2 years to reach this conclusion. It's unlikely that he'll be able to recover the costs of defending himself.

NZ follows suit on challenging Chiropractic

A few days ago there was an article in The Press on Stuff, Chiropractors' treatments questioned, which reports on the "baseless claims about treating conditions such as asthma, ear infections and colic". The research appears in the New Zealand Medical Journal and covers a review of 200 websites of chiropractors and the claims they make. The results were quite damning.

Copeland Publishing have ethics and deserve to know it's noticed

Earlier this week (April 6th, 2010) Meryl Dorey, of the Australian VaccinationAnti-Vaccination Network, sent out a complaint to her mail list. The complaint centered around the refusal to take advertising from them. The company that was approached is Copeland Publishing. They publish a series of free, localized magazines that would appeal to new mothers and mothers of young kids. Dorey's target audience to a tee.

The newsletter is long and full of spite, with a sprinkling of conspiracy and a dash of irony. The ironic thing is that Dorey plays the ethics card. This coming from a group that is actively spreading mis-information due to their own active ignorance of how science actually works.

'Homeopathy Hope for Breast Cancer' still doing the rounds

I've been in an ongoing conversation on Voxy which started with the NZ Skeptics Inc press release to the NZ Council of Homeopaths inviting them to join in the effort to remove homeopathy from chemist shelves on the grounds that you don't get the specialised remedy following the consultation the NZCoH said is a required part of treatment. The conversation has mostly died out due to exhaustion and the utter pointlessness of sparing with someone that just doesn't have much of a grasp on logic, the scientific method or how to answer a question without trying to dodge it first (and second and third...).

However, we appear to have a new sparring partner. They've trotted out an article from a magazine (not a journal) as evidence supporting homeopathy. The article covers a paper that has been thoroughly dragged through the skeptical community and torn to shreds for the quality of the paper, the experiment, the methodology, etc.

John O'Malley batting for Homeopathy. Swings! Misses!

For those that missed it, this is the morning segment from RDU with Spanky and an homeopathic supporter. Not an actual homeopath, which may explain some of the weird ideas he was making up. Below is my response to this segment that, sadly, we didn't get notice of in time to participate. Breakfast with Spanky interviewed "Dr" John O'Malley DC about homeopathy. Personally I think Mary would have sounded less... wacky.

NZBus cave to pressure and break the law

The New Zealand Atheist Bus campaign suffered an entertaining setback today when they announced that NZBus, the company that would be carrying most of the advertising, has now rejected the campaign.

Reply to NZ Homeopathic Council Mass Overdose Press Release

January 30th, 2010 saw the first concerted world wide attempt to open the eyes of the general public to the reality of what Homeopathy really is.

The effort started with the 10:23 movement in the UK but was quickly picked up by many other skeptical groups around the world. The event was scheduled to start at 10:23am so, living in the future, Christchurch New Zealand was the first to hit the start time. We managed to get 25-30 people show up for the event which was pretty good for 2-3 days preparation.

Plans for 2010

I'm not a big fan of New Year Resolutions. They tend to be things that you never get around to until it's too late and at that point... well... it's too late.

So instead, I'm getting a few goals. Some are personal, others aren't and some are aimed firmly at NZ Skeptics in the Pub.

Good for a laugh

Who would have thought that a married couple had sex? It appears that the catholic church do not like the idea of portraying Mary as a wife and mother, and would rather keep the myth of her virginity alive and well.

This billboard in Auckland was defaced after only four hours.

Pesticides in our food

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