An open letter to The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA)

I've heard that the AACMA have made an accusation against the character of Edzard Ernst. Specifically that he has “undeclared links to the pharmaceutical industry”. If you are wanting to do more than poison the well you should probably declare these publically. 

0.999... = 1

This is the (edited) body of an e-mail I sent to The Reality Check. Probably my favourite podcast at present. I got a reply from Elan (my favourite host—everything's coming up Milhouse!) asking if I could post it somewhere so they might link to it in the show notes. That's what this is.

ACC under the microscope again

The Society for Science Based Healthcare is taking a closer look at ACC payouts to those claiming for acupuncture.

Simillimum, Health 2000, ear candles and fluoride

Another fortnight, another round of ASA complaints released.

Things of interest this time include 4 anti-fluoride that were not upheld, a complaint from @honestuniverse about Health 2000, an upheld Ear Candles complaint by @listay1 and a settled complaint against Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy by myself.

The NZ Pharmacy Council

I had an interesting talk with a lady at NetPharmacy today. We were discussing a product called No Jet Lag, which is a homeopathic jet lag "remedy".

Is PubMed a credible source?

So... I wrote an OIA that lead to an article in The Dominion Post which has comments on the article enabled.

Fluoridation critic still unhappy after ad complaint rejected

I'm wondering why this made it as a news story at all. The tl;dr; for it would read "Psudeoscience promoter whines about having complaint rejected due to facts."

Atheism Survey

There is a new survey online that is attempting to get some information on atheists and atheism around the world.

It will take about 20-30 minutes depending on how much information you want to give. No personal information is collected.

Meetup: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrology, wft?

So I was looking at an e-mail from Meetup and saw a suggestion from the Six Degrees group. I was thinking that Meetup's recommendation algorithms could use some work because the last thing I saw in that group was someone pushing Reiki lessons.

Skeptics in the Pub for June, Thursday 7th in the Mao Bar on George Street. 7pm. Be there.

This week we are opening a parcel from Steve Darroch and I suspect it may be jammed full of placebo wrist bands. Jeff Grigg owes me thirty dollars. He gets fifteen of the suckers, and I dare him to wear them all at once. A megaplacebo superpower balance will result. A new superhero will be born. Captain middle America.
Talking with David Guest, we have some prize woo all the way from England to get our teeth into.
I want talk about Irlen Syndrome with you guys:
Some unbelievable bollocks being perpetrated about this syndrome.

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