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Surely a Doctorate in Zombies is worth more than one in Theology?

Canterbury Atheists - Mon, 2010-09-13 09:06
I want to be amongst the first to congratulate The University of Baltimore for being the third U.S learning establishment to currently offer a class on Zombie culture as part of its English curriculum.

Students learn about the living-dead as part of pop-culture course and we’ll soon see doctorates being presented to excited students in English majoring-in Zombification (a term I came up with, so please all rights reserved)

It’s reasonable and consistent application for higher-leaning-institutions operating-in this contemporary age wanting to still dabble-in near-worthless courses in theology and preach (as opposed to teach) about the worlds best known and most revered fictional zombie, Jesus of Nazareth – why shouldn’t they expand their scope to include the score of modern-day living-dead as part of the English media stream?

The other universities to embrace film & comic zombies are based in Iowa and Illinois.

Whilst some may belittle the three universities involved, at a practical-level an English doctorate majoring in Zombies (a.k.a Zombification) has to be well above mumbo-jumbo like theology on most civilian pecking-orders.

For starters any prospective employer would be well aware that the entire class taking Zombie culture, are intellectually well ahead of their contemporaries across the corridor in theology.

After-all the pop-culture students all know that zombies aren’t real.

Those students don’t feel the need to pray to zombies in their spare time, take off entire mornings in the weekend to joyously engage in sing-songs about the living-dead.

Nor do they embrace the ridiculous premise that zombies can be a magical 'saviour' and act as their gateway to eternal life.

Give me the followers of George Romero any day!

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Belgium’s Catholic Church exposed as little more than a toddler-fucking pedophile ring

Canterbury Atheists - Sat, 2010-09-11 08:47

“There have been some articles that imply that pedophilia is nowhere so little prevalent as in the Church as say other areas of society” (The former Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe 19th April 2010)

Harrowing & sickening details of decades of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy in Belgium have been released by Church investigators.

Dubbed The Adriaenssens Report after the chief investigator, Peter Adriaenssen, its pages contain a litany of sadistic treatment - in short -mass child-sex-abuse:

* Child abuse was so extensive that it was going on in almost every diocese and at every Church-run boarding school in Belgium. The investigators were overwhelmed with reports and what they produced was only 'the tip of the iceberg.'

* The priests almost exclusively enjoyed molesting pre-pubescent boys. Assaults on boys usually ended by their 15th year.

* Toddlers were considered ‘fair game’. Girls as young as two were raped.

* The worst of the abuse was in the 60’s and 70’s and its decrease in later decades was only down to fewer priests being involved in the education system.

* The Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, was in on the score. He kept his known abuse closer to home by raping his nephew. The Church tried to bribe the victim’s family to keep them quiet.

* When confronted with overwhelming evidence of this mass-abuse the Church tried to cover it up and Police were forced to break into Church offices to locate records. The Church employed lawyers to fight this seizure and won a case for the raids to be considered illegal – thus successfully burying the true scale of their crimes.

* 13 known victims were so traumatised by their abuse they later committed suicide.

* The Vatican knew what was going-on and left them to it.

How do Catholic apologists respond to facts like this?

By saying these cases were isolated and no worse than the rest of society?

Well that’s the same erroneous and vacuous excuse given by the incestuous pedophile who was in charge of the Church when these crimes against humanity were being perpetrated.

It’s time for society to lance this septic boil once and for-all.

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Warning: Ignore this “Triangle of Life” Crap

Canterbury Atheists - Fri, 2010-09-10 09:00


My name is Doug Copp. I am the Rescue Chief and Disaster Manager of the American Rescue Team International (ARTI), the world's most experienced rescue team. The information in this article will save lives in an earthquake.

This is the start of an e.mail headed 'Earthquake Advice' my household received by well-meaning friends, no less than 6 times, in the wake of the series of earthquakes that have descended (should that be ascended?) on our region of N.Z.

My wife has also helped its viral-spread by sending it to numerous folk in our own address book.

Yet, something about the advice Mr Copp provides in his “Triangle of Life” email didn’t ring true to me, based-on what I had known previously about how to survive an earthquake.

What is loosely called ‘The Duck and Cover Approach’

That’s to say if you are inside during an earthquake get under a sturdy desk, table or bed.

Even to this layman Copps ‘Triangle of Life’ clearly contained dubious & plain stupid stuff like get out of your car in the middle of an earthquake and lay down next to the vehicle as being safer than staying inside and to avoid using door-frames as protection.

It had all the hallmarks of a hoax and on closer inspection my suspicions were proven right.

I simply googled ‘Doug Copps Earthquake’ and was greeted with page after page of rebuttals.

Even Wikipedia had a own page dedicated to exposing Mr Copp’s controversial and mostly dis-proven theories, on how to survive a earthquake.

Go to:

In short anyone who took Copps advice at face-value and employed-it during a major earthquake, shunning the ‘Duck and Cover’ tactics, would be increasing their chances of being injured or killed.

Red Cross have continually lambasted Copps ‘Triangle of Life’ and are sick of having to re-iterate the basics of earth-quake survival in the western-world.

Exploring this subject further Mr Copp himself proved-to-be what could be politely termed ‘a colourful character’ or if one was less charitable ‘a nut-case.’

He was discovered making an erroneous claim to The September 11th Compensation Fund and exposed as an impostor at the Twin-Towers site and told to leave or be arrested.

Nearly every-time there is major earthquake around the globe the ubiquitous Copp turns-up – uninvited – and generally makes a nuisance of himself.

The team alluded to in the name ARTI is more than often just Copp on his lonesome with his own range of life-saving equipment.

Having failed to convince every credible search and rescue organisation on the planet about his ‘theories’ the prolific Copp resorts to self-promotion via gullible media outlets and the internet.

Thus most Cantabrians now have his potentially dangerous theories (in a literal term of the word) residing in their inbox.

Note: If you have received this ‘Triangle of Life’ email what-ever you do IGNORE IT and tell everyone you know “it’s a lot of crap” and revert back to what we were all first taught at school – get under a desk, door-frame etc.
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Sacrilegious Muslims burn effigies of one of Monty Pythons highest deities!

Canterbury Atheists - Thu, 2010-09-09 10:22

This frightening vilification of one of the Python team on the streets of Kabul was in-fact predicted over two decades ago:

Stand staunch Python fans in the face of this desecration of our sacred living-deity.

Remember whenever there are 2 or 3 are in one place, we shall perform the parrot sketch.
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Just what Canterbury needs right now – a fucking prayer-wheel!

Canterbury Atheists - Thu, 2010-09-09 09:32
Let me paint the scene here in Canterbury: some houses still don’t have power, buildings are being demolished, schools closed, police patrol the inner-city to prevent looting and injury, the sleepless population is under stress from on-going after-shocks as high as 6 on the Richter Scale, business’s are closed and struggling to survive.

Faced with a catastrophe of this scale, pray-tell what is New Zealand’s Buddhist Communities solution to Canterbury’s woes?

Well their top-temple up in Auckland is going to spin its giant purpose-built prayer wheel, said to be the worlds largest (wop de fuck) and magically spread ‘calmness’ down to the frazzled peoples of Canterbury.

This is frankly a well-meaning load of cobblers we could do without.

If the Buddhist community wants to genuinely assist Cantabrians I can suggest a more pressing piece of philanthropy that will create more calmness and inner peace than even a prayer-wheel built on the same scale as one of Jupiter’s moons.

Tragically amongst the businesses/buildings damaged in the first quake was New Zealand Breweries operation in Christchurch.

Horror of all horrors imaginable - the pubs in Canterbury are now running dry.

So stop wasting valuable-time spinning that wheel & get your best monks from The Dorje Chang Institute on ‘mercy mission’ down south.

Set them to work repairing our local brewery!

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Dad, what causes earthquakes?

Canterbury Atheists - Wed, 2010-09-08 13:48
Please turn-on the You Tube as you ponder the differing mind-sets of an atheist and theist when it comes to answering their childs questioning on something-basic like say 'what causes an earthquake?'

1.) Atheists Perspective (in 50 words or less)

"Son, earthquakes are entirely natural occurrences caused by disturbances in the earths-plates"

2.) A Theist Perspective (in 50 words or less)

"Son, The Bible and Koran tell us earthquakes and other natural disasters are caused by God"

These are geometrically (pun intended) different points of view.

Clearly there is a chasm (I’m on a roll here) between the atheist’s belief in the earths tectonics being the cause of earthquakes, and the theists claims for the supernatural intervention of their god Yahweh/Allah.

Do you think we could perhaps solicit the average viewer of Sesame Street to help us decide which position is in-fact right?

And remember it's healthy for society to allow parents to indocrinate their children with what-ever bull-shit they can dream-up.

Allow state-supported schools to teach stuff more befitting of the middle-ages.

Utter crap like god causes earthquakes.


"It shows us that he is controlling everything and he can damage us if he wants if we do not follow his teachings and orders,"

"You might call it nature, you might call it whatever, but we believe nature is controlled by the creator of everything."

Muslim Association of Canterbury Imam Hisham Elzeiny (Christchurch Press 11th Sept)

“I think it’s a shock for people to realise they aren’t in control, but we realise God is in control and we are utterly dependent on him.”

Carlemelite Nun Sister Dorethea Mary of Jesus (Christchurch Press 11th Sept)
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Two more theories on what is causing Canterbury’s earthquakes.

Canterbury Atheists - Mon, 2010-09-06 15:31
1.)Pro-rata Canterbury has far-too-many sluts opening their legs for random strangers and getting their tits- out on public view?

2.)Mayoral aspirant Jim Anderton challenged God to do his thing earlier in the night of the big quake and God suitably obliged?

My money is on that double-dipping-socialist and ex minion of The Catholic Church, Anderton, who was safely tucked-up in bed in his home in Wellington when 'the balloon went-up' here on Friday night.
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When did The MythBusters and Disney-Channel become the same-thing?

Canterbury Atheists - Mon, 2010-09-06 14:25

MythBusters is an immensely popular programme in my household, amongst its joker (translation: male) population.

Where was way cool TV like this in my youth, eh?

But as I watched last nights episode I came to the realisation that despite its best intentions and topical ‘skeptical’ format - MythBusters is very much tabloid fodder – interesting, but strictly throw-away.

My balloon-burst when I came to the conclusion MythBusters never gets its teeth into the ‘good meaty stuff.’

There has been, and never will-be, episodes on homeopathy, chiropractors, The Mystical Order of Rosicrucian etc.

They will never explore the efficacy of say Vitamin C or St Johns Wart etc.

What about tackling the mammoth sized ‘myths’ that are passed-off by large sections of society as fact – like say Jesus’s resurrection and Muhammad's ascendancy to heaven?

If it is good enough to examine and dissemble elaborate You-Tube hoaxes, why not place the ‘blow-torch’ on a weird cult or say the ramblings of L. Ron Hubbard?
Absolute crap like this video from 'Indian Guru' Sri Chinmoy:

So a message to Adam and Jamie and those behind the programme: stop picking the comfortable middle-road and do some gutsy cutting-edge content or face losing your audience who grow-bored with the same PG content directed more at kids than adults.
Also last but not least, have a word to the crew in the wardrobe department and make sure that spunk Kari wears a lot more skimpy stuff in future. Pervs like me want more camera-shots of her like these:

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View Poseidon’s Wrath!

Canterbury Atheists - Mon, 2010-09-06 09:31

Stark, irrefutable evidence of Poseidon (The God of Earthquakes)wrath directed against the worship places of Canterbury’s false religions. When are people going to take Poseidon's ancient & prophetic teachings more seriously and shun these trendy,modern false-doctrines? This has been a wake-up call. As a society we need to get back to god. Zeus, Hades and Electra etc. We really need to sacrifice something to Poseidon's name, and sooner rather than later!

Footnote: I have started a 'Sacrifice Fund' care of my TAB Account. Goats don't come cheap and are in high demand of late.
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Let’s face it Science can tell us nothing about Earthquakes

Canterbury Atheists - Sat, 2010-09-04 10:55

Boy those evil-atheist boffins have managed to muddy the waters over last-nights massive earthquake here in Christchurch.

Who needs to deal with those complicated words like Richter-scales and epicentres when for centuries mankind has known full-well the basis for earthquakes and other natural disasters.

In a nut-shell: when God get’s pissed-off with us he shakes-the-earth or makes it rain a lot etc.

Are those scientist’s thick or what?

Praise be to Poseidon, The God of Earthquakes, no one was killed.


"It shows us that he is controlling everything and he can damage us if he wants if we do not follow his teachings and orders,"

"You might call it nature, you might call it whatever, but we believe nature is controlled by the creator of everything."

Muslim Association of Canterbury Imam Hisham Elzeiny (Christchurch Press 11th Sept)

“I think it’s a shock for people to realise they aren’t in control, but we realise God is in control and we are utterly dependent on him.”

Carlemelite Nun Sister Dorethea Mary of Jesus (Christchurch Press Sat 11th Sept)
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The Allan Hubbard Conspiracy

Canterbury Atheists - Fri, 2010-09-03 12:59
This week South Canterbury Finance was placed into receivership and the taxpayer came to the rescue of its mum & pop investors (read: National Party stalwarts)

Despite what has been portrayed by vested-interest groups, mostly south of the Rakaia River, there was and is no conspiracy here in the form of neo-fascist Serious Fraud Office interrogating Hubbard and his wife like a scene from ‘The Deer Hunter.’

No evil, malicious government at work trying to destroy the reputation of an elderly and much revered ‘God fearing’ businessman.

SCF and the intertwined companies lent money to people who couldn’t pay back the interest & who were sitting on depreciating assets many of which now have values less than the loans taken, some near worthless - all at a time when the world economies were in a tail-spin.

Another ‘nail in the coffin’ were the investors who, prudently as it turns-out, pulled their money-out on maturity date rather than re-investing it. Thus the day to day operating cash needed to operate, dried-up.

This scenario in South Canterbury Finance is little different than the demise of other finance companies we have seen lately.

If you lend investors money to a 2nd hand car yard, a pub, a land developer or a dairy conversion group in Waimate etc and the recipients can’t pay back the loan – then make these bad choices time after time - the end result is the same. The bad investments drag- down the good and it all turns pear-shaped.

In the case of South Canterbury finance they made around $600 million of bad calls.

Cries that the fatal-demise of this South Canterbury institution would seriously harm the local Canterbury economy ring-hollow when we (its new default share-holders) learnt about the scope of its bad debts, much of which evaporated in the metro-sexual haunts of Auckland’s viaduct, Marlborough Vineyards, Luxury Apartments in Queenstown, a Resort in Fiji and even the ubiquitous Dave Henderson got his mitts on SCF’s investors loot.

$700 to $800 million went into what NBR termed ‘non viable building projects.’

It was those who made the bad-calls to loan other-peoples life-savings, money to these defaulting parties who are at fault and not the SFO, evil public servants in Wellington.

To quote SCF’s Chief Executive Sandy Maier “South Canterbury’s failure is a result of its own actions and activities and poor decisions historically.”

The fact that one director of a failed finance company lead a more frugal existence, went to church on Sunday, donates to SPCA etc and his failed contemporaries were hedonistic flash Aucklanders driving Mercs means nothing to me as a tax-payer. The end result of their respective business’s is the same – blood on the ground and the tax-payer left holding the can without getting any say.

Why New Zealanders should feel any sympathy for the Directors of SCF versus say Hanover Finance is beyond me?

In-fact Hanover’s melt-down didn’t bleed every New Zealander to the tune of $400 each, just it’s share-holders - which is the way it should be in a capitalist economy.

For the record I never invested in any of these defunct finance companies – yet there is not only people wanting me to pay for other peoples bad choices - on top of that, there is also an element who want me to cry crocodile tears at the way Mr & Mrs Hubbard have been treated as well!

Well Fuck You!

Fuck the socialist National Party!

As a country we can’t pay for teachers wage rises but we can find a billion-plus for investors chasing high returns in what turned-out to be a portfolio with high risk investments.

If you are comfortable investing in speculative ventures like resorts in that coup ridden basket-case Fiji, fly-by-night glitzy pubs, ‘boom & bust’ agricultural enterprises like vineyards – be prepared to lose your shirt.

By-in-large the ungrateful National voting investors in SCF weren’t happy with the conservative returns offered by Trading Banks or the volatility of the share-market. The investors of SCF were happy taking the high-returns but squealed like pigs to gutless politicians when their money disappeared down the tubes.

For those misguided souls that still worship the cult of Hubbard here’s a message - why-not dip-into your own pockets & the moment you can re-invest in South Canterbury Finance & Aorangi Securities again – do so- if this is as you suggest a matter of principal and such a vital asset worth saving?

After-all the best thing his supporters and fellow parishioners can do to show solidarity with Hubbard and his fellow directors is, the moment statutory management is lifted, to place your money in South Canterbury Finance, Aorangi Securities etc (or for that matter one of the hundreds of companies Hubbard is a director in – there’s a couple of hundred from all accounts)

So if you truly back Allan Hubbard forget posting empty platitudes on Facebook sites and instead have the fortitude to take your own money out of your own bank account and not mine.

Forget the holiday on The Gold Coast, sell the boat, caravan, house, pets, send the kids up chimneys etc & the give all your worldly wealth to that honest & benevolent financial genius Allan Hubbard and his ably qualified & proven team at SCF to prudently invest on your behalf.

Say finish off that resort in Fiji that is languishing.

Dave Henderson certainly could do with your $'s currently.

Personally I wouldn’t lend SCF or Aorangi etc a brass rarzoo and I don’t mind saying so.

Last and by no means-least, I also think its high-time some of these privileged self-interested investors who have been bailed-out should take time away from sending the Hubbards condolences cards and say “Thank-You.” to suckers like me.

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Professor Stephen Hawkings tells the bipedal primates with brains: “There is no place for God in theories on the creation of the Universe”

Canterbury Atheists - Fri, 2010-09-03 08:17
For the last few centuries Science and Religion have been playing the equivalent of a game of strip-poker.

Religion is now down-to-its last-vestiges of clothing (a frilly pair of woman’s panties as worn by The Pope) and Science is about to place it’s hand, a Royal Flush, on-to the table.

Rather than the conventional deck these cards come embossed with a simple statement of what is about to be revealed as fact.


Read some excepts from Hawkings new book ‘The Grand Design’:

“That makes the coincidences of our planetary conditions - the single Sun, the lucky combination of Earth-Sun distance and solar mass - far less remarkable, and far less compelling as evidence that the Earth was carefully designed just to please us human beings."

"Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.”

“Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.”

"It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going."

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Help the Oingo Boingo Tribe find God and stay out of Hell!

Canterbury Atheists - Thu, 2010-09-02 13:10

The small Oingo Boingo tribe have occupied the same hidden valley of Papua New Guinea for millennia.

The jungle-tribe remains oblivious to the outside world, just as the outside world remains unaware of their existence.

Given this scenario how does God communicate with the tribe?

Not even the most fervent and adventurous proselytising missionary has come across their village and the tribe are perfectly happy & comfortable with their existence and feel no need to seek out other human contact.

Why is God happy for generation after generation of the Oingo Boingo tribe to burn in hell?

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Less than gentle reminder: Christians, Jews and Muslims all share the same God.

Canterbury Atheists - Tue, 2010-08-31 12:47
Nothing gets your average garden variety Christian and Muslim’s ‘knickers in a knot’ than kindly reminding devotees they revere the same God.

In-fact the ‘Abrahanic threesome’, comprising Jews, Christians and Muslims, all happen to worship the same supreme-being.

Yes indeed ladies & gentlemen, at the core of all three of these monotheist religions is the same God.

Muslims, Jews and Christians may well give this supreme-being differing names, different interpretations, different off-spring who came to earth, customs etc - but the basis of all three religions is the reverence of the same megalomaniac sky-daddy.

Call him Elohim, All Haqq, Yah, Messiah, Allah, Everlasting Father, Jehovah, Al Basir or any other derivation - make no bones about it – this is the same invisible geezer generically called God and theists of all colours need regular reminding of less than palatable fact.

So when the September 11th hijackers praised God as they crashed their planes causing the deaths of 3,000 innocent victims – the God they exalted is the same one worshipped at your local Baptist or Catholic church.

Bin Laden and The Archbishop of Canterbury adulate the same God.

Glenn Beck and The Taliban exalt the same God.

The Pope and wacko Mullah Omar pray to the same supreme-being.

When you put it in this context it’s easy to see they are all bonkers!

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A Day in the Life of Catholicism

Canterbury Atheists - Mon, 2010-08-30 08:53
ALLENTOWN, USA: After installing a camera in their daughters bedroom Pennsylvanian parents discover their local Priest, a teacher at her school, was having-it- off with her. As a good Catholic Reverend Luis Bonilla Margarito didn’t bother to check out if his school-girl lover was ‘on the pill’ and resultantly she ended ‘up the duff,’ Parents are suing the local diocese. Reverend Margarito is now the proud father of a baby girl.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: Facing charges of abusing a 12-15 year-old girl over a three year period in his defence Father Murray Moffat claimed it was the girl who led him-on and pursued the relationship. This would explain why he gave her gifts like a push-bike and sweets (an oldie but a goodie) The court found him guilty, his employers thought the best treatment at the time his pedophilia was discovered was a ‘retreat’ and five sessions with a psychiatrist.

BELGIUM: The then head of the Catholic Church in Belgium attempted to stop a victim of sex abuse going to the police and the story going public. Knowing the people she was dealing-with could not be trusted the victim took the liberty of recording the meeting she had with Belgium’s head Cardinal Danneels and Bishop Vagheluwe the accused. Despite attempts at a cover-up the recordings of the meeting were released to Belgium media.

These are just three articles I’ve spotted ‘off the media wires’ in the last 24 hours.

A microcosm of The Catholic Churches institutionalised degenerate activities.

Is there any hope this worldwide abuse will ever stop?

What is the solution if Catholics themselves both ignore and dismiss these daily stories of endemic abuse?

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Calling-on all Atheists: Let’s stop the baby slaughter!

Canterbury Atheists - Sun, 2010-08-29 17:31

Between 10 to 50% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion (better known as miscarriages)
God (a,k.a Yahweh and Allah etc) clearly wants these embryos and fetus’s to die.
God therefore arbitrarily slaughters millions of unborn humans every week of the year and does so with some relish.
God is pitiless in his blood lust.
Natural abortions occur at the same rate in the pregnancies of his devout followers and the population of non-believers.
More disturbingly Gods followers see nothing wrong with this mass-murder and still fall to their knees in homage to his megalomania.
I’m calling on all atheists to take a stand against this pathological baby killer by protesting outside your closest church or mosque.
Let’s show these theists we don’t accept their God’s baby-slaughter.

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Catholic Church harboured Priest at centre of Terrorist Cell

Canterbury Atheists - Thu, 2010-08-26 10:33

In July of 1973 three car bombs went off in the sleepy Northern Ireland village of Claudy.

The death toll was nine, including children.

Hundreds were injured.

The mastermind of this atrocity was a Northern Ireland Catholic Priest and IRA sympathiser, Fr James Chesney.

In the just released Police ombudsman’s report, 38 years after the terrorist attack, it has been revealed The Catholic Church on both sides of the Irish border knew of Chesney’s murderous role and further-more protected the priest from prosecution.

In damning revelations information has come to light that explosive traces had been found in the boot of Fr Chesney's parish car when he was stopped at an RUC checkpoint in September 1972.

When implicated Chesney gave false testimony to cover-up for himself and his co-conspirators. Similar to cases of pedophilia once ‘the heat went on’ The Catholic Church, under the auspice of it’s then head Cardinal William Conway, conspired to spirit Chesney south to a new position and out of the reaches of the authorities and justice.

The report also reveals that Chesney continued his ‘IRA activities’ in his new diocese - all with full knowledge of those in authority of The Church – who did nothing to stop him or turn him over to Police.

Not unsurprisingly The Irish Catholic Church have long refused, much to the chagrin of victims families, to release its files on their role in harbouring and aiding this terrorist in their midst.

Further proof the Irish Catholic Church knew and abetted in the deaths of eight people and their tacit support of IRA aspirations.

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15 of the Gayest Photos of sexually-confused old man

Canterbury Atheists - Sun, 2010-08-22 10:52

This is but one sample from a selection of 15 photos of Bene-dick. An elderly man clearly confused as to his sexual orientation who has found an outlet to his natural desires (not involving the exchange of bodily fluids) that involves dressing flamboyantly using the wardrobe off ‘Priscilla Queen of The Desert’ The other intimate photos can be found here.
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The case for Open-Minded Parents

Canterbury Atheists - Fri, 2010-08-20 13:11
A few years ago one of my daughter’s mates asked if she would accompany her to a ‘Holiday Camp’ over an extended weekend.

This ‘Holiday Camp’ was run by a local church and there would be a modicum of indoctrination occurring in between the outdoor activities.

This was spelt-out on the info sheet my wife and I were handed, along with a form to sign.

The prothletesing we are talking about here was along the lines of happy-clappy dancing and singing praises to a god of which my daughter was totally unfamiliar. Colouring-in pictures of Jesus and listening to Bible stories etc. Strange as it may sound, these are not the sort of everyday activities that go-on in our household.

In short - I had no problem with her attending this Camp and filled-in the section on the parental permission form under ‘religious affiliation’ with ‘not applicable’ and off she went.

As far as I’m aware she enjoyed the experience.

There was certainly no discernable change in her personality on her return, nor did I question her as to the goings-on other than a cursory open-ended “How did it go?”

Now picture this same scenario in a different light.

1.)The parents of a Muslim child are given the same invite
2.)The parents of Christian child are asked to attend an openly atheist camp

What do you think the chances are of their child attending would be?

How do they explain to a twelve year-old the reasons they can’t go is “these are not people we want you to mix with.” and “we are X and they are Y”?

Why didn’t I feel threatened and yet a Muslim and Christian given the same circumstances would?

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